Geography photos at their best


 Geophotos is a collection of geographical images.

  All of the photographs cover a wide range of topics - human, physical and issues. 

These are not just holiday or general interest travel photographs but photos of

genuine geographical and academic interest. 

They have all been selected by an experienced geography teacher, I hope this will

therefore save you a long search.


You can view low resolution, watermarked images on the pages in this website.

Browse through the photos or if you prefer use the index page.  A photo of a

glaciated valley for example may occur in both the glaciation section or ecosystems -

the index page will indicate this - it is based just on geographical themes not



More photos are frequently being added.  Please bookmark / keep a record of this site and return to it again. 


Site updated   6. 6. 2014



For details on the photography please go to the following page ...



Most of the images shown in this site are high resolution images (approx. 3000 x 2100 pixels or above) - lower

resolution images size will stated on a page.  Further information e.g. PPI provided on request.



Please go to the Photography, Fees etc page for price details and to view a copy of the licence. 

Leave a message using the contact page if you are interested in any of the photographs. 

Special reduced rates for use in schools and colleges

NB   Use the code number/s in your message.  



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